Grégoire Petetin (Paris)

Claire Petetin and Philippe Grégoire

Claire Petetin and Philippe Grégoire are architects who live and work in Paris. After their stay in Berlin between 95/96 they produced "house suitcase”. This project is the prototype of an extra-corporeal membrane that is habitable and flexible, put into practice from observations and dialogues exchanged with the nomad population of Berlin.

In general they work upon their projects practising, first and foremost, a strong research "in situ” on the population they observe and the situations they analyse. Interviews, photos, films and writings alike are their instruments for analysis, investigation and development of their work about architecture and for the creation of virtual second situations.

Since 1998 they have been developing the "Second Timezone Territories”. "STZT” is based on experiments in the form of workshops with the population of sensitive, conflict-ridden neighbourhoods, aiming at creating and later developing sites on the Internet of virtual cities as well as of districts. In this way STZT provides a means of expression for inhabitants otherwise excluded from or otherwise underrepresented in political processes.

The STZT project aims at the creation of virtual "on line” towns as a new field of social and urban appropriation for territories such as the ones paced in sensitive areas, which currently suffer from the problems that are common of peripheral urban areas.