LOT-EK (New York)

Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano
LOT-EK is an ongoing investigation into the ‘artificial nature`, or the unmappable outgrowth of familiar, unexplored, manmade and technological elements woven into the urban/suburban reality

LOT-EK is extracting from this artificial nature prefabricated objects, systems and technologies to be used as raw materials

LOT-EK is the random encounter with such objects which are displaced, transformed and manipulated to fulfill program needs

LOT-EK is the dialogue that develops with the specific features of these already existing objects thus generating unexpected spatial/functional solutions

LOT-EK is re-thinking the ways in which the human body interacts with products and by-products of the industrial/technological culture

LOT-EK is re-inventing domestic/work/play spaces and functions and questioning conventional configurations

LOT-EK is blurring the boundaries between art, architecture, entertainment and information

LOT-EK is an architecture studio based in New York

LOT-EK is Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano, who were born and raised in Naples, Italy, graduated from the School of Architecture of the Universita` di Napoli (1982-89) and completed post-graduate studies at Columbia University in New York (1990-91)